Kiribati's Organic Island.

Perfectly situated close and next door to the capital, Tarawa, Abaiang is the first island popping up out of a traveler's or expatriate’s mind when looking for other choices of island for hideaways.

Abaiang is famous for having pristine beaches and a sparkling blue lagoon. A good glimpse of one of it very beautiful and white sandy beaches can also be seen when looking at the island’s direction from the north end tip of South Tarawa.

Abaiang is also known to all as a house of the first church in Kiribati and also has a distinction of being one of the cradles of Christianity and schools both of Protestants and Catholics in the Kiribati group.

Other visible attractions include shrines, well of high chief of Abaiang in the early days and sites of pioneers of the island.

With a wide range of historical and cultural cultural attractions to be seen, Abaiang is considered one the marvelous and convenient laidback hideaways in Kiribati.



The island was also known as Apaiang, Apia, and in the past, Charlotte Island.

Located in Northern Kiribati, Abaiang was the home of the first missionary to arrive in Kiribati, Hiram Bingham II.

Abaiang has a population of 5,502 (2010 census)



Taste of Kiribati.

“We loved our 4 days here in December 2016. It's peaceful, relaxing & comfortable. The food was also very good, even better if you could gatecrash a big i-Kiribati group who know which goodies to pre-order! The staff are extremely helpful & friendly and manager Kaboua in particular is a mine of knowledge.”

— L. Brown.

Memories of my Home Island

“It is indeed a very beautiful place for retreat where I feel happy and relax while staying in this nice hotel. Memories of my home Island come back as the site is very clean and the buildings are traditionally made. I am now longing to see this beautiful place again and I wish that I could visit Terau Beach Bungalow again.”

— M. Eti.

Unique Experience.

“My stay at Terau was lovely. Thank you Kaboua and your staff for making the experience a memorable one. The area is beautiful, food was great, and the atmosphere unlike any other place I’ve ever been.”

— J. Zou.




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